Why Online Won’t Kill TV
(Because Together They’re Stronger!)

Vienna on Aug 19, 2013

Video killed the radio star… and online is stealing TV’s thunder?! Not so fast! Recent trends show, that our rapidly evolving world may be big enough for both mediums to coexist, and even thrive together!…

It is no surprise that the Internet benefits from TV with bazillions of enthusiastic fans watching and researching their favorite shows online. However, TV has not only been able to stand its ground, but more and more to coexist and blossom in a symbiotic relationship with the ever-growing World Wide Web. Ask any TV station if they would like to go back to times when they weren’t able to get important viewer statistics, insights, and helpful feedback from their audience through online tools and platforms. In addition, social media has proved very useful to reach fans of specific TV shows and get them to hype each other up and generate new viewers. But there is an additional component of social TV that has been growing lately: opportunities for e-commerce.

Attention spans spans might be getting shorter from generation to generation, but they are also getting wider. To Millennials growing up in today’s data jungle of informational overflow one activity (or one screen) at a time simply isn’t enough anymore. Keyword “second screen”: According to a study by eBay, who launched their “Watch with eBay” app (which detects sounds of the program you are watching and links you up with matching products you might be interested in), a whopping 86% of mobile users are logged on through mobile devices while watching TV. If this is true, we are certainly only at the beginning stages of the social TV revolution and the US market has definitely been pioneering this trend. Check out the Infographic below and the associated article on Adage here to get an overview of areas and brands that currently make up the social TV ecosystem.

US 2013 Social TV Ecosystem