The Cool Factor

Vienna on Jun 30, 2013

Recently, during one of our many impromptu brainstorms, we thought about the “cool factor” that the most popular brands of our time have, while other seem to forever struggle to get before they disappear…

What is it, in the example of Apple, that makes a company so cool that it gets masses of people to pay for a product only to go through the inconvenience of changing to a completely new operating system and new media file types that they cannot use with any other company’s devices? How did Starbucks get us hooked on 5$-cups of coffee? And why do we feel like a can of Red Bull somehow lets us be part of something bigger?

The simplest answer to this question is probably that there is no simple answer. Staying innovative, is our first thought. Genius marketing, others might think. One thing that’s for sure is that there is always a component of authenticity involved. Brands that create a personality and an original identity for themselves are perceived much more desirable by potential customers. Plus, they will have a much easier time figuring out where they want to go with their innovation and marketing efforts in the future.

Knowing (and letting your audience know) what your company stands for is a viable foundation for longtime success, which is also why we always enjoy the process of helping brands with finding their identity and creating a manifesto. At the end of the day, however, only you can define what makes you cool.