Startups made in Austria XV: kangaroute makes traveling easier

Vienna on Jan 30, 2016
The kangaroute plattform © kangaroute in the desktop version

Most of us are aware of the problem: After a busy time at work you finally want to enjoy some vacation. Your break should exactly fit your interests but you don’t have the time to check all the different information and booking websites. Therefore, you are not able to prepare a completely individual travel package. The Viennese start-up kangaroute has found the solution for you. They offer a 360-degree travel planning tool.

Our January start-up: kangaroute

CEO/ CMO and interviewee Dietmar Pils © kangaroute

CEO/ CMO and interviewee Dietmar Pils © kangaroute

What does kangaroute do?

kangaroute is a start-up founded by a start-up. In 2014 the start-up „bitsfabrik“ which specializes in app development was founded. Ever since the beginning the founders have known that they do not only want to work with project based businesses but also launch their own product. In the last few months this plan became reality. kangaroute was founded and in mid-February their recommendation platform for travel planning will go online. The CEO Dietmar describes the platform as „the Netflix for leisure & traveling “. kangaroute tries to understand the user and shows him his preferred leisure program. You don´t have to check heaps of different websites which also contain non-relevant information. If you love biking at home it is very likely that you also are interested in doing it in other places.

kangaroute is a cost-free planning tool which includes overarching functions such as favorites, calendar or hotel booking. The company aims to reduce the information overload for users in the internet. It makes it possible to arrange everything without constantly switching between different websites. Dietmar says: “You´ll never be in the situation again that you are on the airplane desperately thumbing through the travel book because you don´t know what to do at your travel destination.” The platform is supported by mobile apps for Android and iOS. You have it always with you on your smartphone and constantly get alternative suggestions depending on the weather. For example, if you have planned a bike tour in Schladming and it rains three days out of four then kangaroute automatically proposes an alternative indoor program.

The kangaroute plattform © kangaroute in the desktop version

The kangaroute platform in the desktop version  © kangaroute

How did this all happen?

Similar to many other start-ups the idea was developed based on a personal impulse of the founders and the team. They felt that they missed something when they were planning their travel experience. Especially when they wanted to try new things and discover countries on their own they found themselves confronted with a lot of work to create a fitting program. Collecting and booking unfiltered information on different websites and keep hold of all planning and booking in an excel sheet is very time-consuming. Dietmar mentions: “That definitely was a trigger to develop the kangaroute product and also to choose a 360-degree approach rather than only give advises. Many companies address the topic tourism and leisure. However, a holistic view in terms of the user experience and the added value for tourism regions is missing.” kangaroute tries to provide and put together all the leisure components.

The kangaroute team © kangaroute

The kangaroute team © kangaroute

Where does the content come from and how does kangaroute earn money?

The content is developed in an appealing way in cooperation with the tourism regions. Dietmar describes the relation as a win-win situation. The photos and editorial content are provided by the regions. In return they receive a platform where they can convince travelers to visit them and use their leisure offering. Nevertheless, even if an area does not cooperate there is no blind spot. In this information exchange no money circulates. kangaroute does not want to sell advertising space to the regions. They prefer to have them as partners at eye level. They do not want to lose their image as an independent and user-based recommendation platform. The income is generated on the booking site. Dietmar explains: “We want to convince the end user by providing the best offer of leisure activities and hope that therefore also books the hotel via our platform.”

How does the roadmap look like?

In mid-February the platform will go online. In a first step focus will be on travel and leisure activities in Austria. The platform will be available for Austrian, Swiss and German users. However, kangaroute already is designed for a quick expansion. On one hand concerning the countries which can use the app. On the other hand related to the countries where you get recommendations for and can book your travel. Within this first year, the users will be able to plan their travels also in Germany and North America.

kangaroute is a start-up full of energy. We wish them all the best and are looking forward to testing the platform soon!

By Mariana Wirz