Spring-Clean Your Mind: 25 Ways to Find New Inspiration

Vienna on Mar 21, 2014

None of us is exempt from it: the drab monotony of everyday life. At our innovation workshops we always emphasize the importance of getting out of your own head every now and then and being open for new impressions to stay creative. So what better time to bring some fresh air into your daily routines than now that the days are getting longer and brighter again? Take advantage of your spring fever and spice things up in your relationship with your own life by trying some (or all) of our suggestions to get inspired.

  1. Visit an art exhibition
  2. Find some new music that you love
  3. Take a different route to work
  4. Play with kids
  5. Try out a new recipe or restaurant
  6. Take pictures of nature
  7. Find images in the clouds
  8. Try spending a screen-free day: no cell phone or tablet, no computer, no TV
  9. Start a collection (either digitally or manually) of quotes and images that inspire you
  10. Try a new class / pick up a new hobby
  11. Meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time
  12. Watch a documentary or read articles about a person you admire
  13. Go for a walk in an unfamiliar place
  14. Remember some of your greatest accomplishments and times in your life when you felt really inspired
  15. Write a letter to a lost loved one
  16. Write a letter to yourself
  17. Try and see how many people you can make laugh in one day
  18. Imagine for a whole day you’re secretly a superhero
  19. Try out a new look
  20. Spontaneously kidnap a friend or family member for a fun night out
  21. Visit a place that brings up happy childhood memories
  22. Look at old photos
  23. Actually spring-clean your home and office
  24. Redecorate (a room in) your home
  25. Read our blog 😉

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