Vienna on Sep 5, 2016

With SCO2Ts free floating scooter rental service you can rent a scooter directly from your mobile and escape the traffic jam. Enjoy the sun and the wind on the way and arrive to your destination not only in time – but also in style. The Viennese Start-Up Sco2t broadens the possibilities of the urban mobility with his free-floating Scooter-Sharing-Service and adds a new service to the mobility concept of Vienna.

A Selfie of you and your City!
Selfie of your own and your city © / Philipp Lipiarski

Our April startup: Sco2t

What does SCO2T do?

Vienna’s newest sharing service was started last year by three car-sharing and scooter Aficionados who were looking for a way to combine their two traffic passions. Said and done, after few months of developing, prototyping and testing, the first SCO2T was finally ready to run, and a public beta started in spring 2015. Ever since customers can rent the scooters directly from the street.

The registration & renting process runs through SCO2T’s official website. CTO and Co-founder Balázs Bárány justifies this decision with the independency of the web application from the approaching device or the software. Therefore all customers have access to the service. “To further simplify the usage experience in we are integrating with apps like MyMobilityMap which enable the access to different sharing services through one interface”, describes the CTO the SCO2T Plattform Strategy.

In 2016, SCO2T has grown to more than 60 vehicles that can be rented alongside the city street. Based on enthusiastic user response, it was soon extended to cover all of Vienna’s inner districts. Furthermore all scooters are equipped with two helmets, hygienic one-time caps, top-case, handset holder and USB charger since the beginning of 2016.

How does SCO2T earn money?
Like commonly accepted in this branch, the service is charged per minute or per day. The “per minute rate” for the service is 19€ct or 9€ct for parking. Per Day, customers are debited 29,90 € for 50ccm and 39,90 € for 125ccm scooters. Like at Car2Go, SCO2T is responsible for the service, insurance and refueling. So as a user, you can simply enjoy your ride!

In addition there are many international requests for Sco2ts Fleet-Operation-software and hardware solution, which enables companies to track all kinds of vehicle management operations. This is a revenue stream that has developed unexpectedly.

Portrait of the 50ccm and the 125ccm © / Philipp Lipiarski

Who is behind SCO2T? How did SCO2T evolve?

The Founders of SCO2T describe Scooter-Sharing as “a logical and a innovative development of the established Free-Floating-Carsharing-Providers such as Car2Go and Drive Now”. SCO2T is the first and only Scooter-Sharing provider in Austria using the free-floating concept. A system which allows one way trips as the customers don’t have to return the vehicle to the starting point of his rental process.

“SCO2T provides answers to many of today’s urban traffic challenges” explains SCO2T CEO Thomas Strohmaier “Our users enjoy a fun and cost effective way of getting quickly to their destinations. Our scooters place limited burden on the valuable city space – both in driving and parking – thus limiting congestion”. According to the Founders, a set-up that enables positive effects on the environment.

“As the first sharing provider globally we offer scooters of different categories”, states Co-Founder Michael Koss. This allows a wide range of users, both drivers with a normal car license and more-experienced motorcycle drivers at the same time, to use the service.


SCO2T as a part of urban lifestyle© / Philipp Lipiarski

How does the future of SCO2T looks like?

Primary goal of the founders is to grow and develop the service. Based on increasing customer demand we are working to increase both the scale and range of our scooter portfolio in Vienna. Besides that, we are also offering our platform and the business model for service providers in other markets. This revenue streams are mainly used to extend the SCO2T fleet.

Last but not least, the founders are looking forward to an autumne of (lots of) SCO2Ting through the beautiful city of Vienna. Our Crew from 1030 Innovation enjoyed the test-ride by all means and therefore wishes SCO2T all the best for their future.

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