Cross-industry Bootcamp

Vienna on Jan 24, 2014

On January 20th + 21st we held one of our motivating Innovation Bootcamps at Neno’s Brainstorm Space. Here is a short recap of our crash course on how to integrate innovation into your daily business. And mark your calendars: Next Innovation Bootcamp in Vienna: July 3rd + 4th

Neno Brainstorm, 1060 Vienna

Neno Brainstorm, 1060 Vienna

What is innovation? And what kind of company culture do you need for it to happen? Where does inspiration come from and how can we initiate and undertake an innovation project? These are only some of the questions we asked and answered during our 2-day workshop. Our moderator Verena showed the participants, coming from different industries, how to easily understand the innovation process and how to integrate more innovation into daily business life. Great insights into current societal trends were delivered by trendwatching.com expert Delia Dumitrescu, author of the book “Road Trip to Innovation”.

The training provided me with a range of techniques, tools and information on how to integrate more inspiration and innovation into my daily working life”, says one of the attendees.

Another rewarding comment: “I especially liked the combination of theory and hands-on exercises”. With a business case, made up of an imagined company, detailed background information and interactive exercises, the moderators led the team through a series of activities which allowed the participants to directly apply useful techniques that can easily be integrated into any business setting. At the end of day two the team presented some great innovation ideas for their company in form of a pitch. Tobias Göllner, Manager of Pioneers Discover and constantly in touch with new ideas, evaluated the team’s pitches and gave some worthwhile tips on how to sell your idea to an investor, one’s boss or colleagues.

All in all – two days full of great ideas,  inspiration and great work!

“Great preparation, you have invested a lot of love and time! Keep up the good work!”

Yes, we will! 🙂