Startups made in Austria XV: kangaroute makes traveling easier

Vienna on Jan 30, 2016
The kangaroute plattform © kangaroute in the desktop version

Most of us are aware of the problem: After a busy time at work you finally want to enjoy some vacation. Your break should exactly fit your interests but you don’t have the time to check all the different information and booking websites. Therefore, you are not able to prepare a completely individual travel package. The Viennese start-up kangaroute has found the solution for you. They offer a 360-degree travel planning tool.


Startups made in Austria XII – mySugr makes Diabetes suck less

Vienna on May 26, 2015

Diabetes sucks – that’s something the 30 members of the mySugr team agree on. Since 2010 the Viennese startup tries to make the life of diabetes patients easier. They already launched five different applications – Logbook, Importer, the Quiz app, Junior and Academy – as well as the mySugr online platform. The mySugr Logbook helps with day-to-day diabetes management. The mySugr Importer was developed together with startup Anyline and scans and imports data from blood sugar meters. Junior was especially developed for young patients and the mySugr Quiz app lets you test your knowledge about diabetes. The Academy – also available as IOS app since last week – helps type 2 diabetes patients with videos and games to cope with their disease.


1030 Destinations: Barcelona

Vienna on Apr 21, 2015

As we got really good feedback last year we were tasked again to create an innovative sales training workshop for a client’s top sales reps that was included in their annual incentive trip. When we are travelling to give workshops we normally don’t have much time to ourselves. This time we managed to squeeze in a few great culinary experiences and even the obligatory visit to La Sagrada Familia.


Startups made in Austria XI – Anyline is teaching Smartphones how to read

Vienna on Apr 15, 2015
The Anyline Team at the Pioneers Festival 2014, photo by Anyline

Anyline is working on scanning software for smartphones that allows scanning text and numbers from objects and process the scanned data digitally. The startup, which has already grown to 14 team members, had its technology patented in 2014 in Austria and is developing new use cases. The software is especially useful in cases where manual transcription of data is a source of errors. Anyline is already reliably scanning data from blood sugar meters for the startup mySugr, voucher codes for Red Bull Mobile, as well as gas and electricity meters.