Solving the challenge of feeding 9 Billion by 2050

Vienna on Aug 19, 2019

World population is growing and by 2050 it will reach 9 billion. Do we have enough resources to feed everyone? How can we ensure that we satisfy this basic need without overwhelming the planet, taking into account that agriculture is among the greatest contributors to increasing climate crisis?

Below we listed 4 strategies addressing the challenge we are all facing. We will cover some of them in more detail in the coming weeks and of course the Future of Food event on September 30th will be also dedicated to this topic! Don’t forget to register here to get your free ticket!


The Future of food – and the present

Vienna on Aug 16, 2019

Food trends used to come from gastronomic chefs and straight out of their kitchens, however, we see that it has changed over the past decades. A broad range of factors shapes the next big trend among food-lovers, be it ecological and health considerations, cultural globalization and localization or booming experience economy.


Meatless Mondays

Vienna on Aug 12, 2019

Ever heard about this trend originated in the US? The international campaign was initiated by the U.S. Food Administration during world war 1 and urged families to reduce consumption of key staples.


Start-ups made in Austria XXII: Artivive

Vienna on Jul 4, 2019

Connecting Art with Agumented Reality – that is the idea behind Artivive. Founded in 2017, the startup creates new media art and has grown rapidly ever since. Founder Codin Popescu invites us to learn more about this innovative approach in this month´s interview.

Our July startup: Artivive

Sergiu Ardelean/Codin Popescu (from left to right) - Founders Artivive (print) © Artivive

Sergiu Ardelean/Codin Popescu (from left to right) – Founders Artivive (print) © Artivive