Start-ups made in Austria XXII: Artivive

Vienna on Jul 4, 2019

Connecting Art with Agumented Reality – that is the idea behind Artivive. Founded in 2017, the startup creates new media art and has grown rapidly ever since. Founder Codin Popescu invites us to learn more about this innovative approach in this month´s interview.

Our July startup: Artivive

Sergiu Ardelean/Codin Popescu (from left to right) - Founders Artivive (print) © Artivive

Sergiu Ardelean/Codin Popescu (from left to right) – Founders Artivive (print) © Artivive


Technology Start-ups: Women on the rise

Vienna on Jun 4, 2019

Pioneers’19 in retrospect.

Female workforce and Gender diversity both remain current topical issues. We know that diverse teams perform better. Gender-diverse companies have higher returns, are more creative and innovative. However, men still rule most industries and tech is not an exception.




Start-ups Made In Austria XX: SzeleSTIM helps chronic pain patients suffer less

Vienna on Dec 4, 2018

The opioid crisis is a global problem and many countries see the rise in opioid consumption for the treatment of pain. We met with Stefan Kampusch, the COO of SzeleSTIM, to talk about their startup. By the way, SzeleSTIM won Pioneers’18 and we understand why! The startup develops a wearable device to provide a minimal-invasive, non-pharmacological, and sustainable therapy for acute and chronic pain patients. Worn on the ear and built to stimulate the vagus nerve with a pattern tailored to each patient, the potential impact of the product for the millions of chronic pain sufferers is hard to overestimate.

Our December startup: SzeleSTIM

SzeleSTIM taking the main prize Pioneers'18 ©Stefan Kampusch, SzeleSTIM

SzeleSTIM at Pioneers’18
©Stefan Kampusch, SzeleSTIM


Digital health at Health.Pioneers 2018

Vienna on Nov 13, 2018

A second edition of Health.Pioneers Conference took place in Vienna BioCenter on October 10, 2018. Over 300 healthcare innovators, start-ups and experts from across 24 countries have gathered to exchange ideas and share knowledge. It was a truly thought-provoking experience and a great opportunity to make new connections in the field of digital health.

Of course, the team of 1030 Innovation couldn’t miss a chance to spend an entire day in company of people that use technology to change the face of health sector. Below are some of the things we have heard and seen, and that impressed us the most.

Opening remarks by Oliver Csendes, Pioneers

Opening remarks by Oliver Csendes, Pioneers


Mingling & matchmaking at the Pioneers Festival – How startups network and create the future

Vienna on Jun 3, 2017

What happens when 500 startups are gathering together for two days? Just look at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, a yearly event that brings together technology and business to realize new steps towards the future. For international as well as local startups an important date in their diary and can’t be missed – at least for the lucky ones making it among the 600 chosen startups.

Meeting robots at the Pioneers Festival

Networking at the Pioneers Festival – even for robots

Why is the Pioneers Festival so important for startups?