1030 Destinations: Dubai Part I

Vienna on Apr 24, 2014

Our first visit to the Middle East already convinced us: We like it! Dubai surprised and inspired us in many different ways. From the huge buildings that caused our jaws to drop in awe, to the meticulously clean streets and the genuinely friendly people – Dubai has some great stuff to offer.

We got to stay at the Oberoi Hotel located in Business Bay and experienced personalized service at its peak. Its these little things such as a waiter that remembers, what kind of tea you prefer for breakfast that make you feel well taken care of. oberoi Would you expect a ravishingly green oasis in the middle of the desert? Well, we found one: in the middle of landscaped lakes, waterways and botanical gardens belonging to the Zaal family estate, we had a great dining experience at The Farm. The restaurant offers fresh and wholesome food as well as a little bakery and the opportunity to buy organic products. farm Ever heard of social dining? Restronaut is a concept available in the Emirates where members can open a table under a certain theme at any participating restaurant and like-minded people come together, have dinner and spend a great evening socializing. We attended a dinner table at the Japanese restaurant Sho Cho themed Media, Technology and Design. Right along the beachfront we met a bunch of interesting people and had a great new dinner experience. restronaut Dubai is famous for its Souks. Located in “Old Dubai” you can stroll through the gold souk, the spice souk and the pashmina souk. Pure bazar feeling! souks Of course we had to see it. Ski Dubai – the huge fridge in the middle of the desert conveniently located in a huge shopping mall. If you get to hot outside, just go snow tubing, skiing, boarding or sledging. Shopping malls in Dubai not only offer enormous possibilities for shopaholics but are actually more of an experience. So lets go shopping. Or skiing. Or ice skating. Or scuba diving… malls To be continued…