1030 Homebase: The independent cinemas of Vienna

Vienna on Oct 15, 2014

Movies are a great source of inspiration! Rainy, chilly autumn nights are the perfect time to head to one of the independent cinemas scattered throughout Vienna and cosy up in one of those snug chairs. Have your pick!

FilmcasinoFilmcasinoOne of our favorites, this cinema will take you back in time as soon as you enter. The original and restored interior dates back to the 1950s; the cinema itself was opened as a Kinematographentheatre from 1911. The program is varied and films are normally shown as original productions with German subtitles. Sunday Specials, discussions with the cast and directors, free cake and cinema days with free childcare are also part of the institutions offering.

VotivkinovotivkinoIn Austrias best visited independent cinema you can enjoy many Austrian first releases. High quality and award winning productions are shown in original language with subtitles. The Votivkino’s second outlet De France specializes in French productions. Très bon!

GartenbaukinogartenbauWith over 700 seats this is the largest one-room-cinema in central Vienna. Being part of Viennas film festival Viennale this cinema presents many premieres and film series around different topics.

SchikanederschikanederAlternative movies, a bar/café, DJs and Tatort on a cinema screen; the Schikaneder gives you many reasons to spend your rainy evening there. A laid back atmosphere and a heterogeneous audience completes the living room feeling.

Top Kinotop kinoThe Top Kino cooperates with Schikaneder (so you can actually use your cinema pass at both places) and is a combination of film, food and drink. Movies from around the world, tasty food and a cozy bar let you have a little bit of everything.

Arthouse and independent movies from around the world are shown at the Stadtkino and the Filmhaus Kino. There is also a special focus on Austrian productions. Also check out the Filmarchive/Metrokino and the Austrian Filmmuseum to treat yourself to some very special movie evenings!

Not only our homebase Vienna offers a great variety of independent cinemas. If you are traveling as much as we do and want to have a cinematic evening even when you are abroad, check out next months post about 1030 Destinations: Independent Cinemas around the Globe